New Penalties on Iqama Violations in KSA 2024

You should never be irresponsible while carrying your Iqama or Muqeem card. You may face tons of trouble and should pay fines and penalties for Iqama violations in the Kingdom in 2023. Rules have been tightened up and there are now more fines for any Iqama violation and you should pay it within time.

As per the rules we have listed the below violations list on Iqama for the year 2023. So please read the below list carefully and stay away from doing any of the below violations to avoid fines.

Not Carrying Iqama in KSA

Most people don’t care while taking and carrying their Iqama ID card with them. But now you should take care and must carry your Iqama with you because it is fine on it. If you are visiting here and you don’t have your Iqama with you, there is a SAR 1000 fine you should pay. It’s a huge fine and a little mistake and you must avoid it from now.

Stolen or Lost Iqama Fine

Whenever you have lost your Iqama, you should report this within 24 hours means 1 day. If you don’t or report the stolen or lost Iqama after 24 hours then there is a fine of SAR 1000 on it you should pay. This violation if not reported on time can take you to jail for more than 30 days. However, if you repeat the same violation again then the fine is double, and you can be charged SAR 2000 and 3000 for repeating again. Read Check Any Mukhalafa or Traffic Fine with Number Plate.

Iqama Renewal After Expiry Date

Jawazat won’t accept any excuse if you don’t renew your Saudi Identification Card or Iqama ID within time. You will still have 3 days to renew your Iqama right after the expiry date if still, you don’t do it then there is a fine of SAR 500 and it will increase after one year up to SAR 1000. And remember there is nothing that can save you from deportation from KSA if you repeat the same thing for the third time. Read How to Renew Your Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia.

However, for companies, mosasas, or sponsors, must pay the double fee if they don’t renew their labor or workers’ Iqama within 3 days after expiry. For your information, the normal fee is just SAR 650 but can be increased up to SAR 1300 on renewal after the expiry date. Do you know that if the Jawazat is someone illegal in a company they should pay a fee of SAR 25000?

Fake Iqama Fines

This is the most serious and most dangerous violation of all time. The type of violation can cause you more than SAR 10,000 and more than 30 days in jail. So you must avoid getting a fake Iqama ID because now the police checking people’s Iqama online. So please don’t carry a fake Iqama with you as it can also cause you to be deported from KSA.

Visiting Jawazat or Other Offices without Iqama

It is a kind of very small violation but can cause you trouble. If you ever visit a Jawazat office or any other government office and you don’t have Iqama you must pay a fine of SAR 1000, 2nd time 2000, and 3rd time 3000. You will be investigated further if you have any doubts.

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