New Saudi Visit Visa Terms and Requirements 2021

In this post, I am gonna show you the new Saudi Visit Visa terms, requirements, etc. For your information, the new visit eVisa was announced back in September 2019. Moreover, the tourist visa is open to each country and each person to apply for. Thus there is new some news we have noticed on XpressRiyadh. Don’t worry I am gonna explain everything here.

There are some new terms and conditions everyone needs to know before applying for a Saudi Visit Visa or eVisa. This is to keep in mind that all the below terms and requirements are for eligible countries. Moreover, countries that are not eligible may need to apply for the visa at a consulate or Saudi Embassy.

Requirements of Passport Validity and Sponsor

First of all, you must over 18 before applying for the visa and should not have a bad background record. If you are under 18 then it is important someone should have to take your responsibility and apply for your visa via the embassy.

Remember there is no need for a sponsor anymore upon applying for the visa. You can do without any worries as mentioned the XpressRiyadh (the link is provided above). Read the US, UK and Schengen Visa Holders Can Now Visit KSA.

The passport you are holding must be valid and have enough validity of over 6 months. If you are entering and your passport is gonna expire before 6 months then their penalties you must pay. However, the passport can be renewed in your desired embassy in Saudi Arabia by your country.

Overstay Fine, Religion, and Bank Statement

Saudi is about to be top-level strick against the overstaying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are fine of SAR 100 for one day overstaying. So what it means that if you overstay for one month then simply it is 3000 SAR you will need to pay upon exiting the Kingdom.

So when we talk about religion requirements, then there are no worries you need to think about. Both Muslims and Non-Muslims are welcome to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read KSA and UAE Both Countries are Launching Joint Visa Soon.

In order to apply for the visa, you must have an active bank account at least 3 or 6 months old. It must be stable and activate even when you leave the country.

Your Identification, Proof of Address and Final Visa Checking

These are the last you need to know about before you leave this web page. Let me inform you that as always the Saudi embassy will verify your ID card and passport as well as proof of living address and should be valid. They have acquired utility bills, electricity bills, and similar documents while verifying your identity.

There will be the final checks upon boarding into the flight and arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, there is nothing to worry about and you are most welcome to visit the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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