New Traffic Fines on Driving by Muroor in 2024 KSA

Muroor the official traffic department in KSA announced new warning drivers. They mentioned that there is a huge fine for driving back in reverse gear and driving in the opposite direction. They advised the drivers to say the right lane to avoid these penalties.

New Traffic Fines in KSA

Muroor warned us all about these new implementations in the traffic violation list. If a driver in the Kingdom is going with the reverse gear for more than 20 meters. The driver may pay the fine. This is because such driving is increasing the number of accidents in the Kingdom.

On the other hand, there is also a huge on driving a car in another lane or in opposite directions. Such driving behavior also causes thousands of accidents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here are the new fines for the Iqama violation.

Driving in the opposite direction or the wrong lane can cost you less than SAR 3000. However, driving back with the reverse gear can cost you up to 60,000.

However, if such driving causes an accident and there is harm to someone’s life, then the fine is huge more than SAR 100,000, and jail as well. So keep this in mind while driving in KSA and be a good driver. You can check the traffic violations here by number plate.

Keep a safe distance while reversing your car and don’t do it more than 20 meters. Keep others and your life safe from accidents. It is your responsibility to take care of such a manner. However, Thanks to Muroor for such traffic implementation in the violation list. This will definitely decrease the number of accidents in KSA.

Moreover, this is to inform you that the first time you have made such a violation will cause you SAR 150. The fine will keep increasing if you are repeating the same mistakes again and again. So please be not part of such a violator in Saudi Arabia and take care of yourself and others’ lives, as it is the most precious gift to us.

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