News For Expats with Final Exit Visa & Expired Iqama

Again there are some fresh new for expired iqama holders and final exit visas. Each person I mean I will get this straight. It does not matter if you are an employee or business owner or an expatriate working in KSA. If you are iqama ID is expired. Also if you have applied for a final exit visa. Then this news is for you.

Jawazat Announcements

So previously they have announced that there is no fee on iqama renewal. Those expatriates their iqama is expired and then wanted to leave. They cannot because of the lockdown due to COVID-19. So Saudi Jawazat wanted to help. Though order to extend these iqama IDs for the more three months.

So that the person can stay a little longer in the Kingdom for more three months. However, this time there is another announcement. I won’t call it announced because this is clarification.

Recently in a tweet on Twitter Al-Jawazat Al-Saudi. The extension or the more validity the three months duration is for those Iqama ids which have expired from 18th March in 2020. The total duration is 3 months. In short, from 18th 2020 to June 2020.

However, no one needs to want to visit the nearest Jawazat office. They can simply visit which is the MOI official online portal for such and related queries and electronic services. Read Saudi Suspended Work for 15 Days.

But as of now, you should keep in this mind that you cannot use the New Absher portal without having an account on it. You must create and then activate the Absher account. After that, you will be able to cancel the final exit visa or renewal your Iqama ID expired from 18th March 2020.

This is not for just expatriates workers in the Kingdom. But all of the employers, the business holders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here is the tweet I have mentioned above you may wanna see for your reference.

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