Official Mobile App to Monitor Corona Patients in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, the Health Ministry launches a new mobile app. The app allows monitoring the suspected coronavirus COVID-19 patients. The app is available in the Google Play and iOS app store and can be downloaded anytime. It is known as Tatman – Rest Assured.

Tatman – Rest Assured App by MOH

One of the best things about the Tatman app is that it is available in both English and Arabic versions. The Tatman app allows you to get the latest information and advice from MOH in Saudi Arabia.

This is such a useful application for those are self-quarantine and self-isolating and wanna get new advice from the official MOH. You and I anyone who has corona symptoms and yet arrived in Saudi Arabia. It is also useful for those who are in contact with other coronavirus patents and wanna take care of him or her.

Each infected personal I mean self-isolated or quarantine personal can get a daily evaluation for their health condition. They will be able to get in touch with the Ministry of Health’s office staff during the isolation or quarantine period.

The application news revealed by a person. He was there at the press conference on COVID-19 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read Coronavirus Spitter Huge Penalty in Saudi Arabia.

Now for your information, the Ministry of Health to stay in the home during the lockdown period. Also if you think you got the infection then contact Ministry with their recently launched application called Tatman and there could be also another resource as well. So your health and its care must be your top priority.

Please don’t ignore this virus, it can lead you to very serious conditions. Thus getting treatment on the earlier stages could save your life. You should quarantine or isolate yourself if you think you are infected and download the Tatman app to get help immediately.

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