Restaurants are allowed to open from 3PM to 3AM in Ramadan in KSA

MOI in Saudi Arabia has an announcement today. They announced an amendment to working time for the restaurants in Saudi Arabia. This is not just for single area hotels and restaurants but each on the in the Kingdom. Each restaurant and hotel is allowed to open its door from 3 PM to 3 AM.

No Lockdown for Restaurants in KSA

Ministry of Interior announced this today, this is for only in the month of Holy Ramadan Kareen. So if you are running or working in a restaurant or a hotel. Then this is good news. You can be open between 3 PM to 3 AM. However, this is advised to keep everything shut down up to 10 PM in the evening.

Because of your work and you earn that is the simple methodology. However, there are thousands of other business owners whose shops are closed, they are in huge loss. But there is nothing we can do except we wait the let the pandemic get away from Saudi Arabia and the whole world.

According to a source mentioned in Saudi-Expatriates, previously they allowed various services but not vehicles and transportation, party restaurants, and banquet kitchens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read KSA’s Actions and Various Decisions Regarding Coronavirus.

This is fo the month of the Ramadan, I don’t know if it is gonna on regular routine or not. The news is not for company owners and other businesses in Saudi Arabia but restaurants only. Read Coronavirus New Spitter Penalty in Saudi Arabia.

All these precautions and measures are due to the recent pandemic coronavirus. Once the dust is settle and everything I mean pandemic, then everything will get into the normal state. Though we pray to the almighty Allah to remove this pandemic from the our world and Saudi Arabia. This is the Holy month of Ramadan and we should all pray so that Allah removes this coronavirus from our world.

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