Which Network is Better STC or Mobily (Review)

STC and Mobily comparison, their prices, packages, services and coverage.

STC vs Mobily: Both telecom providers are the best. But in the deep and conclusions, you will find that is which one is even better. We are going to compare both their packages, prices, and related stuff. At the end of the post, you will know which one is the perfect network provider for you, STC or Mobily. So let’s find out…

STC (Saudi Telecom Company)

STC in Saudi Arabia was founded in 1998 22 years ago. Their headquarters is available in Riyadh in the Industry of Telecommunications. They offer great services and coverage all over the Kingdom. While on the STC network, you can avail yourself of the services and benefits.

STC Pros:

  • Their services are better.
  • They provide amazing support to their customers.
  • Have services in Bahrain, Kuwait including Saudi Arabia.
  • They offer reliability, fast, and with enough resources but their prices are a little high.
  • The STC coverage is perfect in each corner of the Kingdom.
  • They provide prepaid, postpaid, internet data, SMS, Calls, international bundles, fiber optics, IPTV, fixed-line, and Jawwy services as well.

STC Cons:

  • Their prices are a little high

Mobily (Eitsalat Mobily Al Saudia)

Mobily in Saudi Arabia is a great but cheap telecom services provider. It was founded in 2004 15 years ago. Mobily offers tons of services in terms of internet data, SMS, calls, and more. Their coverage is great but in some areas, you may have a low signal. Now let’s explore Mobily’s pros and cons so that you can decide if you wanna choose your network provider or not.

Mobily Pros:

  • They offer better and cheaper services.
  • Their support is fairly good for its customers.
  • Have services in Saudi Arabia.
  • They will give you more than enough resources at low prices.
  • The coverage is fairly good than bad (only a few areas).
  • You can available services like prepaid, postpaid, internet data, SMS, Calls, and both national and international bundles, which now offer fiber optics and fixed-line.

Mobily Cons:

  • The only cons are a little slower internet speed and coverage in very few areas.


Now that you know all the pros and cons of both STC and Mobily. You can decide which is better for you. If you can afford a little higher rates then go for STC with ultra-fast speed and coverage. But if you have budget problems then Mobily is the best choice for you.

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