Saudi Arabia Clarifies the Rules for New Entry Visa

Previously it was announced that the UK, US, Schengen visa holders can visit the Kingdom. However, recently they clarify some of the rules they did not mention. Let us inform you the UK, US and Schengen visa holders can visit the Kingdom anytime from anywhere without having a pre-entry visa.

Moreover, there are some rules and regulations they must follow in order to visit the Kingdom. This will lack many interests but the government mentioned that these visa holders can only visit Saudi Arabia only via Saudi Airlines Flights.

This is strange but true that the GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation) has announced that the key benefits are only for Airlines such as Saudi Airlines, Flynas, Saudi Gulf Airlines, etc. That is was all their clarifications. Read Saudi Drivers are about to Replace Expats Taxi Drivers.

However, there could be one reason behind this, either they want people to use their official Airlines that will benefit the Kingdom. The second one is they care about those citizens to flight with an awesome airline that reflects royalness. That is what Saudi cares the most from centuries and why they should not? It is a royal country after all.

Let us suggest that you can only choose the airlines mentioned above in this article. Other than using none of the above airlines for visiting the Kingdom, they may not let you in the airplanes. Saudi Airlines is a great choice, after all, they are providing clear, better, and kind of royal services to the onboard personals.

There is one I forgot to mention that, the visitor from the US, UK and Schengen can only enter via Riyadh and Dmamman Airports in the Kingdom. So it is important to take care while booking your flight to the Kingdom. I don’t know much about these regulations but I think it is also a better step as per the Saudi Vision 2030.

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