Saudi Arabia New Green Taxi

Ministry of Transport and Chairperson of the public transport authority announced the new green taxi services in KSA. The new Green taxi services have launched by Saleh Al Jasser and he is the chairperson of PTA.

The project has taken the place at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Riyadh. There are more details you need to about this project and inaugurations.

Saudi Launched New Green Taxi

It is one of the biggest and new changes since Saudi Arabia. These taxis are colored as per the Saudi Flag Green. For your information, the color will never change. However, the announced, they have mentioned that there was no problem with the previous service. But the service was lack of technologies and new innovations.

This they implemented both these things in the new Green Taxi in the Kingdom. Both technology and new innovation, and they said that they will upgrade from time to time. So for Saudi drivers, it is a golden chance to grab a Taxi and earn some money. This is a golden opportunity for Saudi citizens especially those who are jobless. Read Saudi Arabia Clarifications the Rules for New Entry Visa.

In the previous services, the taxi was lack of technology so people were feeling insecure and those taxis were costing more than the earning. Also, they were creating big issues and troubles for people in the Kingdom. Read Saudi Drivers sooner or later to Replace Expats Taxi Drivers.

As per the Rumaih Al Rumaih: The new Green Taxis are fully aligned as per the public transport systems and made with the latest tech and features. For your information, the Green taxi has an electronic meter and other similar features like for example advanced tracker, etc.

The best news is the New Green Taxi is about to complete the Uber, Careem services. Though you can imagine inside the car yourself. They implemented a dual speaker in the Green Taxis and also an advanced tracking system so that the public will feel comfortable and secure while transportation.

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