Saudi Ban Shisha, Barbecue at Public Places in KSA

This is a very recent announcement by the government of Saudi Arabia. There is a clear ban on shisha and barbecue and similar things in public areas such as parks, hotels and more. However, if there is someone who is doing this will be fined SAR 100. You can do it but in the crowded areas.

The ban has been announced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. It is a clear thing that no can fire for barbecue and shisha and similar things. If ever someone who caught doing this. They will be fined more than SAR 100. The prohibited areas are all public places such as parks, playgrounds, hotels in public areas, etc. Read more: Check your Iqama Generalization Report in KSA.

For your information, the first time fine is just SAR 100. But the second time they will need to pay SAR 20 extra. Moreover, the fine will keep increasing if they are doing the same violations.

It a clear step was taken by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as per Saudi vision 2030. It is clear that they are doing this for public safety. Each expatriate must cooperate with this and help the Saudi government for implementing such good things.

The main aim of the rescission taken by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs is the make sure the safety of everyone in the public areas. However, banning shisha is step towards the end of harmful practices. Read more: Huroob Expats are Banned from KSA.

The ban is not only for barbecue and shisha but everything related to fire. For if you are making barbecue in the most crowded areas, its a violation. Similarly placing the GAS and Cooker and each type meal in the crowd that needs fire are banned. Especially hotels people should take care of these things.

This for the good of everyone who lives in the Kingdom. However, we must cooperate and stop such things if you are doing this. Let me know below in the comment if you have any questions.

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  1. Pakeeza says

    What about places like Dirriyah which are designated for BBQ?

    1. shams says

      No problem if they do everything inside, but outside is prohibited.

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