Saudi Ban Shisha & Tobacco Serving in Restaurants

The authority announced a new ban to prevent Coronavirus from spreading. Now the restaurants and cafes are not allowed to serve Shisha, Hookah, and related stuff. This is not just for Riyadh and Jeddha. But each corner of the great Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Shisha & Tobacco Ban in KSA

The Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs mentioned such a ban on their official Twitter page. The apply the ban the Hookah, Shisha and related stuff in restaurants. This is all of because of the known Coronavirus issue. However, the Kingdom is nowadays fully prepared to fight the virus.

These restrictions are not just for Riyadh, Dammam, as well as Jeddha. But each and every place of Saudi Arabia. If you are running a cafe or restaurant in the Kingdom. Then it is suggested to stop serving these products. These products can be also the cause of the novel coronavirus. Read New Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia.

For the owner of the cafe and restaurants. This is to keep in mind that there are ongoing operations and inspections in each place of Saudi Arabia. This is important to stop serving these products and cooperate with the authorities to stop spreading the novel coronavirus.

Keep in mind that we all should cooperate with the authorities. They are taking these cautions to stop the spreading of the virus saves our lives as much as the can. So this is for our own safety and protection. We should all care about it. That is why the Saudi Health Minister in Saudi Arabia hailed this ban.

As you can see they stopped the visiting people for even Umrah. Do you have any idea how much loss there is when they stop such things? But the government doesn’t care and taking precautions, that is why we all should cooperate to stop getting Shisha and related stuff. This is for our health at least.

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