Saudi Domestic Workers New Rights and Recruiting Rules

Recently in the last week, the HRC (Human Rights Commission) has introduced some new rules for domestic workers and their recruiting. These rights are in relation to financial, health, leaves, ESB and other contractual rights.

In one of their tweets on Twitter, the Human Rights Commission in Saudi said that no one is allowed to threaten domestic in order to get their job done. Also in terms of health, dignity and worker’s safety.

Domestic Workers New Rights

A company and Kafeel should be provided ESB End of Service Benefits to their workers. They are entitled to at least a day off in a week. However, they should also be paid if they are on sick leave.

Do you have any idea why did the HRC introduce these rules? This is because of the recent videos on social media. In which a Bangladeshi woman is crying and begging for help against the abuse at the hands of her bad Kafeel. Read also: Saudi Ban Shisha, Barbecue.

This is not just a single case you heard about. There are more than 2.5 million domestic workers in the Kingdom, however, 1 % of them are facing the same troubles and abuses. Moreover, there are some recruiting rules also you may wanna know about.

New Rules on Recruitment Companies of Domestic Workers

These rules have been implemented back in July 2019. However, they recently added some new points to it. Now it is strictly to be followed by the owners of the companies to document everything electronically and online in Musaned. This is for new contacts companies signed with new clients. Read also: How to Check If Saudi Visa a Fake or Original Visa.

Keep in mind that if a company doesn’t document electronically, the Musaned will be invalid by the MLSD Ministry of Labor and Social Development. There is a 30 percent fine on recruitment if the domestic workers singed the agreement and did not arrive in 90 days.

The best rule is a company should pick up their workers from the airport and facilitate them with accommodation, food, and related stuff. Thanks to the Government of the great Kingdom.

It is mandatory for the recruitment offices to provide better and clean accommodation to their workers and facilitate them with everything such as clothes, food, medical care and so on.

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