Saudi Driving License Renewal Procedure

It is important for expatriates and locals to renew their driving licenses before its get expire. However, you need to get an EFADA report from an authorized hospital or institute and pass the medical test as well. Don’t worry I am gonna explain everything here related to the driver’s license renewal procedure in KSA.

Medical Test and Its Requirements

The first thing you need to do is to pass the medical test to get a renewed driving license in KSA. The medical must be taken and approved by an authorized hospital in the Kingdom, the hospital must be approved by EFADA.

You can ask anyone who has their own car where is the nearest authorized hospital (in Jeddah, Riyadh, Damman, or other cities) for the medical tests.

The Required Documents for the Medical Test are:

  • The sponsor or Kafeel ID
  • Only 1 passport size picture
  • And your valid Iqama ID

For your information, there are three steps in a medical test. In the two steps, there is the only test of a blood sample and eye examination. However, the last step is the doctor’s check-up. Let’s explain all these steps below:

Blood Sample Test: When you first visit the nearest authorized hospital for the medical test. The doctor or a responsible nurse will take your blood sample and match that with the one already on your old driving license.

Eye Test (Examination): An eye test is the most important thing while renewing a Saudi driving license. In the medical test hospital, they will ask you to differentiate between colors or words, etc. They will check everything properly so that you can see things clearly or not.

If you are used to wearing glasses they are responsible for checking if you can see things properly or not. However, you don’t need to worry about that.

Visit the Doctor: The third and last stage of the medical test for the Saudi driving license is you will visit the doctor who will ask you some general questions. That is it you are good to go.

The Fee: The Saudi driving license medical fee is just SAR 184. Once everything is done successfully, ask the hospital responsible to update the EFADA report for your driving license and make it online.

Payment of Fee via Absher Online

Now you need to have an Absher account to pay the fee for the renewal of your driving license. You can create and activate an Absher account first (if you don’t have one). Now please follow the below steps in order to pay the payment for the renewal of your driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Driving License Renewal
Visit Absher SA

Step 1: Visit and login into your account as you usually do.

Saudi Driving License Renewal
Login to your Absher account

Step 2: Once you have logged in to your Absher account, click the Services button (see the image below) under “My Services” in your dashboard.

Saudi Driving License Renewal
Click Services

Step 3: From the list of services click Traffic then click on Renew Driving License.

Saudi Driving License Renewal
Click traffic then renewal driving license

Step 4: On the next page read everything carefully and click Next.

Step 5: Select the number of years you wanna renew your driving license for e.g 2, 3, or 5, etc, and click Next.

Driving KSA License Renewal Select Years
Driving KSA License Renewal Select Years

Step 6: Once the renewal is successful, you will be asked to Request Postal Document Delivery, Print, or Exit the Page. Make your own choice but don’t forget to take a print.

Saudi Driving License Renewal Successful
Saudi Driving License Renewal Successful

How to Collect the Driving License

You are almost there, just visit the nearest traffic police officers to collect your new driving license, and don’t forget to take your Iqama with you. Also, take the old driving license with them they might collect it from the offer you the new one.

Fine on Expired Driving License Renewal

Make sure there is enough validity in your driving license. Because there are huge fines of SAR 300 up to 500 on the renewal of an expired driving license in KSA. However, it is also important to collect the renewed license from the police officer if you don’t then you will also need to pay a fine of SAR 100.

You can also visit Dallah Driving License School (Muroor office) in Jeddha but they are offering the license after one day.

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