Saudi is Prepared to Fight Coronavirus

In the last week, Saudi Arabia confirmed a positive case of Coronavirus. Now they are working hard to be prepaid to fight the virus. For your information, more than 1400 rooms are ready for infected people. But the number is equal to nothing for now.

Saudi Preps to Fight Coronavirus

Back in the previous week, there was a passenger traveling from Iran to KSA. After the landing, the SPA Saudi Press Agency identified that Saudi national is infected. The Saudi national has been to the quarantine hospital for treatment. Read Saudi Arabia New Rules for Entry Visa.

You can simply call the toll free number 937 in case of quires on Coronavirus. The public has fear and they demanding for more face masks. The demand is instantly growing for masks. Though each person is wearing the mask and taking the safety precautions.

People of Saudi Araabi is fully prepared, the public is wearing masks. However, the government has prepared with almost 1400 quarantine hospitals all over the Kingdom. Thus more than 8000 beds and related stuff for quarantines.

For your information, more pharmacies are out of face masks. As per the pharmacy owners they mention people are asking for tons of masks. But they are allowed to get only 1 up 5 boxes for each person. You should take one too.

For your information and according to Saudi-Expatriates. There is more than 250 case found around the Kingdom. However, they are all negative and there is no positive sign of the virus. Read New Fuel Prices as per Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

However, it has been noted that more than 100,000 Expatriates were sent back to their home countries. All these steps are because of preventing the Kingdom from the virus. They now supposed temporarily entry to the Makkah and Madina. The government is taking each step and they think may save lives.

There are thousands of precautions you need to take care of available over the internet. You must read them and take care of yourself and let Allah protect you.

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