Saudi Suspended Work for 15 Days

Hundreds of new implementation to fight the COVID and now to suspend word for 15 days. Saudi Araba recently announced that work in the private sector should be suspended. Don’t worry this is not for months or weeks but 15 days.

Work Suspension in private sectors by KSA

The MHRSD announce a new implementation. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the temporary work suspension. This not just for single but all departments in private sectors. The only exception is the Food and Health services.

Back in Feb, they suspended flights from and to the Kingdom. That was including the Umrah and Visiting and it is still. They shut down all the crowd areas such as shopping malls, beauty salons, and barbershops. However, now its juts the temporary work suspension for 15 days.

What it means that attendance is stoped for 15 days of the period. After that everything is fine and gets to a normal state. Moreover, companies and related to work remotely from their home if they can. Remember the food and health sector is not included.

As per the current rules employees in each sector should be reduced. They must work remotely directly from their homes. In each company and workplace, the number of employees must not exceed 40 percent. Read Saudi Actions and Decisions Regarding Coronavirus.

Each sector and company must comply with the rules. However, they infected and have those who have related symptoms must get to the desired quarantine hospitals. Infected means those who have symptoms such as high temperature, cough, and breathtaking issues.

Get yourself to the nearest quarantine hospitals while having the above symptoms. This is necessary for you, your family and related people living with you. You must take precautions yourself as the Kingdom is helping with extra capabilities. This is all about by the government for your and our protection. Share your thoughts below.

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