Saudi to Resume Domestic Tourism from Today

The Minister of Tourism Ahmad Al-Khateeb stated that they are gonna resume the domestic tourism today. As of 21st June 2020, domestic tourism is open for all people in the Kingdom. For your information, this was suspended due to the negative impact of coronavirus. As the situation is quite normal and more than 98K patents are recovered. They are going to reopen domestic tourism in KSA.

Dometic Tourism Resumed in KSA

As per very recent research by the tourism authority in KSA. There is more than 80 percent of a Saudi citizens are getting benefits from domestic tourism. That is also the main reason why they have resumed and reopen tourism.

They mentioned that they have the health authority satisfaction and coordination to reopen such service in the Kingdom. As per the health ministry, there are more than 80% of cases recovered. Thus this to clear the public mind that we are almost there and on the safe side. Thanks to the government for such fast recovery. For your info, the Saudi Hospital services have become in the top 10 hospitals list int the world.

The public is so scared, with such recoveries of the coronavirus patients. Also with the reopening of the domestic tourism will help people relax their minds. They will see and help people reduce that kind fo depression from their minds.

This is a very great implementation towards the bright future of the Kingdom. Thus people will soon start domestic tourism in the sector. On the other hand, the great Kingdom has always there to help the public and private sectors. Read also: Saudi to Cancel HAJJ This Year 2020.

Because they are released dollar 61 billion to help to reduce crisis in the job sector in Saudi Arabia. As most of the companies are closed, they are not able to pay their expenses as well as pay salaries to their workers. Thus this is step where they can begin working on providing salaries etc to its workers. This will ensure the ease of pressure in the public minds.

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