Send a Free “Please Call Me” Message on STC KSA

Lots of people in Saudi Arabia are having trouble while their STC mobile balance is low. They don’t know, they can easily get an STC emergency loan and call someone if it’s too urgent. However, if you don’t have such things, and may already receive the emergency loan on the STC network in KSA. Then you can still send a free please call me SMS without any charges. Once the recipient gets the SMS, he/she will notice that you need them to call you.

How to Send a Free “Please Call Me” Message

You can easily send a free please call me text message to anymore using this procedure: Open your phone dial-pad and dial this code *177*recipient phone number#. Then press the call button. Now follow the on-screen instructions and confirm to send the free text message without any charges. An example of the USSD code for sending the free please call me back messages is *177*050XXXXXXX#.

Alternatively, for some reason, if they are not able to pick up your phone then you can send them an SMS and let them know that I will call and you will pay. The “I Call and You Pay” is an STC service that lets you call someone while they will pay the call charges. For such action dial this code *199*Number you are calling#. The number you are calling will hear the automatic voiceover notice from STC that he will pay the call charge if he accepts your request.

Moreover, there are some terms and conditions for using this service. You may wanna keep in mind that you can only send up to 10 messages per day. After 24 hours you can send another 10 SMS but 1 day is the limit. In short, you can only send this type of message to only STC numbers in Saudi Arabia. This service won’t work STC numbers while someone is roaming.

However, there are no charges or fees for using this service. Therefore, sending such a message will only work if the recipient is also on the STC network in Saudi Arabia. In short, you can not send the please call me back SMS to other network numbers. All mobile phones work well while sending and receiving the please call me back with the STC network in KSA.

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