STC 5G Home Baity Plans with Free Router

Now that STC almost covers Saudi Arabia with 5G network access. Day to day they are introducing new and better plans. I mean a plan with affordable prices and enough data access and also offers free resources. As they have recently their new three best Home 5G Baity plans that comes with 100GB, unlimited data, and up to 300MBps data speed. Also, you will receive a free WiFi router and free installation for new STC customers. Today, I will show the complete information of 5GB Home Baity Plans offered by STC. So, let’s get started…

STC 5G Home Baity Plans with Free Router

As there are other Quicknet 5G packages on STC. However, they have recently added three new for home usage with unlimited data, 100GB data, and a plan with up to 200MBps speed. Let’s explore these home 5G Baity bundles with complete details:

Baity 5G Unlimited Package

The price of the package is SAR 287.5/month with 18 months contract. You will get maximum upload 25Mbps and download 100Mbps speed with unlimited data access. However, there is a free router with free installation. All STC customers are eligible to get the package for their home usage. Visit the nearest STC branch for service activation.

Baity 5G Unlimited Data Package

The Baity 5G unlimited data package comes with unlimited data access and a free router with free installation as well as maximum upload and download speed. The price of the 5G unlimited Baity package is SAR 402.5/month with 18 months service contract. However, the price is VAT inclusive. You can visit the nearest STC branch to activate the 5G unlimited data package and get a free device with it.

Baity 5G 200Mbps Package

It’s an affordable wireless package with a 5G speed of up to 200mbps on downloads. Thus the upload speed is only 80mbps. The package comes with unlimited data access. However, the price of the package is SAR 345/month (with 18 months contract term). You will get a free device and free installation at no cost. Please visit the nearest STC office or branch to get the 5G Baity 200MBps package with a free device.

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