STC 5G Quicknet Postpaid Plans with Free Device

Do you want to enjoy the fastest 5G internet speed with quicknet packages? If yes, then take a look at the 5 new 5G postpaid plans on the STC network in KSA with a free internet 5G enabled device. There are 4 different postpaid quicknet 5G you can choose from. If you don’t tie yourself in the contract then you won’t get a free 5G device. However, the two plans with 12 months and 18 months contract can get a free 5G MyFi device. Yes, you heard me. Anytime let’s get to the details of these 4 new quicknet packages for postpaid users…

STC 5G Quicknet Postpaid Plans

STC quicknet postpaid data-only plan now gives you more freedom to use the internet without any restrictions. You can enjoy 5G speed with 4 new postpaid plans. However, the prices and fees may vary from time to time. So, please don’t forget to check them with STC by calling 900. However, here is the full details of the new postpaid quicknet 5G plans:

Quicknet unlimited 5G plan

The price of the unlimited quicknet 5G data plan is SAR 402.5 per month. You will need to have an 18 months contract agreement with STC while purchasing the plan. Moreover, you will get a free 5G-enabled device (MyFi). The device will be yours after 18 months or at the end of the contract. You can purchase the unlimited quicknet 5G plan from any STC nearest shop or franchise.

Quicknet 100GB 5G plan

You will get 100GB STC quicknet data each month for 12 months for SAR 287.50 per month. Also, you will get a free MyFi device and it will be yours after 12 months of the contract period. You can purchase the 100GB 5G quicknet postpaid plan from any nearest STC franchise or outlet.

STC Quicknet 5G Postpaid Plans with No Contract

If you need quicknet packages with 5G speed and with no contract or free device. Then STC lets you purchase the plans independently. For SAR 402.50 per month, you can have unlimited quicknet data without any contract, while for SAR 207.00 per month you can have 100GB quicknet 5G data. Similarly, you can purchase these plans from any nearest STC outlet, franchise, shop, or store.

The prices I have mentioned above are VAT 15% inclusive, and the offers you see are for a limited time. For your information, all Quicknet STC prepaid and postpaid packages are supported by 5G speed. All new and existing and new STC customers can buy the package via the mySTC official application.

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