STC Baity DSL Offer with Unlimited Features 2024

STC in Saudi Arabia offers unlimited features with their new Baity DSL offers. You can activate the DSL line and get amazing benefits on the STC network. Also, they offer unlimited Jawwy TV with one plan. So, today, I am going to show the complete overview of these Baity DSL plans on the STC network and will show the easy way to activate your line. So, let’s get started…

STC Baity DSL Offers

As of now, their two different DSL packages are on the network in Saudi Arabia. You can choose the one that is best for your network and cabling needs. However, both these plans let you use unlimited internet data with maximum speed and unlimited national or local calls. The only difference is that one comes with Unlimited Jawwy TV and one is not. Anyways, have a look at the following details…

STC Baity DSL Package

This is the same package as the below one, but the only difference is it doesn’t let you use Jawwy TV. Anyways, have a look at the plan price, details, and activation code below:

For SAR 402.5/month only, you will get a copper connection with unlimited data, national and local calls, WiFi in public areas, maximum download and upload speed, and a free modem with free installation. To activate the Baity DSL package on your number send SMS 2031[space]Your landline number to 900. They will shortly reply to the request and complete the rest of the process.

Baity DSL Package with Jawwy TV

For as low as SAR 287.50/month. You can enjoy copper line technology with unlimited data allowance, a free STC modem, 50 Mbps upload and download speed, and unlimited local and national calls. Also unlimited free WiFi access in public areas. To get the service just SMS 2031[space]Your Landline number to 900.

Note: Jawwy TV is no longer included in the plans.

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