STC Baity 4G 100GB, 150, 500 & Unlimited Packages

STC offers Baity packages to its users in Saudi Arabia. It is a unique service that has ever introduced by any telecom company in KSA. As there is the best prepaid and postpaid internet package. But It is a 4G wireless internet service, allowing any of its users to have different data capacities as well as the maximum speed supported by the STC network in the Kingdom. As of now, there are 4 different plans available at STC with Baity 4G technology. Today I will show the full details of these plans. So let’s get started…

STC Baity 100GB 4G Package

The 100GB Baity package allows the user to enjoy the internet 100 GB per month and with the capacity of the maximum STC network connection speed. The service offers amazing features as follows:

It gives the maximum download speed (not mentioned by STC). The upload speed is also with maximum network capacity. A user can have only 100GB of data to use within a month. Routers are for free and the installation too. You will need to sign a Service Contract for 12 months. Additionally, any user can apply for an extra key, that allows you to get 30GB for 57.5 SR. The price of the full package is 207 SAR per month, and the price is inclusive of VAT.

STC Baity 150GB 4G Package

For the price of SAR 287 per month, and with the 12 months of service contract. You will get the maximum upload and download speed. Also, you can have 150GB to use within a month. For your information the contract period is the same as 12 months, you will need to sign. The price of SAR 287 is inclusive of VAT 15% tax. Once you consume the available 150GB data, activate the extra key for as low as SAR 57 with 30GB data.

Baity 500GB 4G Package

Get 500GB for one month for only SAR 1207 valid for 6 months. As usual, the router and installation are free of cost. The price is inclusive of VAT and the upload, as well as download, is the maximum. You will feel extra performance in terms of the internet speed on this plan. They didn’t mention any contract period for the 500GB package. So enjoy a hassle-free internet speed with a low price and maximum validity on STC Baity service.

STC Baity Unlimited Internet 4G Package

As the name of the package 4G Baity STC package Unlimited in the plan. You will get unlimited internet data usage for the whole month for just SAR 402 and the price is VAT inclusive. The full download and upload speed as STC network capacity. The installation is free of cost and there is no router fee. You can have unlimited monthly internet usage with maximum download and upload speed.

So these are the Baity plans offers by STC in Saudi Arabia. You can activate any of the package Baity 4G by visiting the nearest STC breach. Don’t forget to take your IQama ID with you, as you will need to sign a contract.

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