STC Flex 65 Offer with Data, Social & Minutes

STC in Saudi Arabia always brings exciting offers for their prepaid customers. This time it’s about their best and cheap package called Sawa Flex 65. The package gives you enough internet data with free social and minutes in the Kingdom. Today, I will show you the price, subscription code, and complete information about the Flex 65 offers. So, let’s explore the bundle right now.

STC Sawa Flex 65 Offer

STC has just updated its Flex 65 offer and it gives you more data and social data for free with local minutes too. Get 5GB of internet data, 500 minutes to STC numbers, and 5GB of social data for 4 weeks. Also, there is 2GB STC WiFi included in the package. The 1st time activation price is SAR 74.75, when you renew its SAR 65.00.

Activation code

To subscribe to the Sawa Flex 65 offer, send this code 7065 to 900 and wait for an auto SMS response. In minutes, you will get a success message from STC about offer activation.

Cancellation code

The package Sawa 65 will renew automatically. So, you need to deactivate or cancel the plan manually. To cancel the Sawa 65 package, send 7009 to 900.

Check remaining data

Moreover, you can easily check your remaining internet data by sending this code 8888 to 900. In a second or two, you will get a response message from the message with your remaining internet data details. Alternatively, if you have an STC app, open it and you will the remaining data usage in the Dashboard.

Terms and Conditions

Once you consume the available resources in the STC 65 riyal offer, normal calling, and data rates will apply. However, you can renew the package with the same activation code to avoid extra charges and stop the balance deduction.

The available minutes can be used only for local calls and within the STC network. However, if you need minutes from STC to other networks, there are different and affordable plans available.

You can use the internet data with 4G and 5G speed. However, to enjoy 5G speed, you will need to have a 5G-enabled device. Though you don’t need to activate the 5G service manually, it’s activated by default with the STC package including the Sawa 65.

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  1. rod says

    sending 7009 to 900 is not working the package was auto renewed again today. next month hope i can cancel it. let mek now the other way on how to cancel flex-65 as it was auto renewed again today. thanks

    1. shams says

      Use the mySTC app to deactivate the Flex offer

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