STC MyFi Devices with Quicknet Prepaid Packages

The Quicknet MyFi device is available at low prices at STC. The 4G device can give a better internet experience on your STC with unlimited prepaid internet on a monthly basis. As of now, there are four different prepaid packages available at STC with a 4G MiFi device.

The 100GB, 300GB, and 100+19GB and unlimited per month data plans. Note that when you can activate or order these from the nearest STC outlet or store. However, you get a Quicknet prepaid SIM card and a MiFi device upon activation or ordering. Please have a look at the details of the plan and activate any of these plans on the go while getting a device with it.

MyFi Devices with Quicknet with Quicknet Packages

There are 4 different plans and one of them is available at STC with 5G internet speed. However, the three are with 4G speed. Moreover, these plans are for 1 and 3 months of usage. These are best 4G MyFi products offer by Sawa STC. So here are the details and prices:

100+19GB for 1 Month4G MiFi Device470 SAR
100GB for 3 Months4G MiFi Device650 SAR
300GB for 3 Months4G MiFi Device760 SAR
Unlimited for 1 Month5G MiFi Device1675 SAR

These plans do not include VAT 15%, in short, you will need to pay it while purchasing. The unlimited 5G with the device is without any fair usage.

Now you have all the details including price, duration, and 4G and 5G details. So you can order the one you think the best for you and enjoy an amazing internet experience on your STC network in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, you can go ahead and check your remaining data. This is important because if you consume all the data and you don’t know, then regular rates will apply.

On your prepaid STC line, you can have other internet packages even for a weekly and daily basis. But this in case if the above plans don’t fulfill your internet needs. Anyways, what do you think of these devices and quicknet packages, let me in the comment below?

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