STC Qitaf, Redeem Points, Partners & Codes

Today I will show you what is the STC Qitaf program, how to activate or subscribe to Qitaf, redeem points and transfer your points, etc. It’s the same program as Mobily Neqaty. Anyways, please stay here and keep on reading…

What is STC Qitaf?

STC has introduced the Qitaf program to its users in Saudi Arabia. So that people can use their balance, pay their bills, and earn points. Then these points can be transferred to your STC wallet anytime you want. The user can easily redeem his Qitaf points and use them as 5 points = 1 SAR at different STC Qitaf partners.

How to Activate STC Qitaf

Any user on the STC network can activate or subscribe to the Qitaf loyalty program. The activation is simple, all you need is: Go to your Message app and compose a new message, type 201 and send it to 900. If you are eligible for the Qitaf enrollment then you will get a confirmation SMS from STC in the next minute. This is the only method you can use to get enrolled in the STC Qitaf program.

Check Qitaf Balance

Once you become a Qitaf member on STC and start earning Qitaf points, then you can check your hard-earned Qitaf points. Follow this method: Open the Message app, then compose a new text message. In the message type 202, now send to message to 900. In the next minute, you will get a reply from STC with your available Qitaf points.

How to Redeem Qitaf Points

You can easily redeem your available Qitaf points on the STC network in under a minute. The activation is simple, here is how to redeem your points: In the Message app, compose a new message and type 1919 and send the message to 900. You will get a reply from STC with success. You can then the STC Pay official application to start using your points and pay with them in hundreds of STC Qitaf Partners.

Transferring Qitaf Points

STC allows its Qitaf users to transfer their points whenever they want. There are different methods to do it, but the easy one is: Go to the Message app on your device, then compose a new message. After that type 1870 in the message and send the message to 900. In the next reply from STC, you will get on-screen instructions to follow. That is it.

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