STC QuickNet Plans with Free Huawei Device

Guess what you can get a free STC Huawei MyFi device free. But the question is how and where? That is why you are here and I am gonna show you the procedure to get it free of cost. There is an offer by STC Saudi Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia. As per their official website, you can get a free internet Huawei MyFi device by activating one of their quicknet packages.

Note: These offers are no longer valid.

STC Quicknet Postpaid with Free Huawei MyFi Device

There are actually three and more Mofawtar plan offerings by STC. The 100GB for SAR 180, the other 150GB for SAR 270, and the last one is an Unlimited internet package for SAR 350 per month.

To get a free STC internet device router with the above Mofawtar plans. You need to visit the nearest STC outer and let them get it. Remember if they are not offering any, then you have to call the customer care number 900 and let them know the situation, they know how to hand such situations.

100GB with Free STC MyFi Device

For a very low price of SAR 180, you can get a Huawei router device for free. This is 12 months contract and each month you need to pay to the same amount. The package name is Mofawtar 100, you must consume all the data within a month. To get it visit STC nearest outlet.

150GB with Free STC MyFi Device

As low as SAR 270 you can avail and receive a free Huawei router device. Each month for 12 months a user needs to pay the same amount. In the end, the free internet device is theirs. The plan name is Mofawtar 150. You can easily get it by visiting STC’s nearest outlet.

Unlimited Internet with Free STC MyFi Device

I know the price of the plan is a little high. But on the hand, you are getting unlimited internet without fair usage and a free STC router device. For SAR 350 per month for 12 months contract only. You have to pay SAR 350 once the contract is made between you and STC. It is called Mofawtar Unlimited. However, get it by visiting any of the STC nearest outlets.

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