STC 3 Months Unlimited Internet Price with Details

Lots of people in Saudi Arabia are kept searching. Searching for STC unlimited internet price for three months. Well, to be honest with you guys, currently there is only one package. But Sawa Star is the best alternative pack with unlimited internet and social media for a low price.

However, you can try the best plan with unlimited internet monthly. No matter if you are using a prepaid or postpaid sim card. You can still get the unlimited internet package from STC at affordable prices.

STC Unlimited Internet for 3 Months

  • The price of the plan is just SAR. 1121.5.
  • The exact validity is just 90 days (3 months).
  • There is no such package currently for three months
  • To subscribe to STC 3 months unlimited data plan, send “2739” to 900.
  • You will receive a reply in a short while, just be patient.

This is to keep in mind that, the above price does not include the VAT 5% tax. But there is no need to worry. Because the price is fixed and you won’t be charged for more. Remember the package is without fair usage. What it means is, that you will be charged more if after one month.

If you wanna use more internet and wanna get the same plan. Then repeat the steps above to activate the pack. However, turning off the data mode on your smartphone to avoid extra charges.

One last thing, how you can check your remaining data balance? Well, that is a very easy question. You can check your remaining data balance by sending 2220 to 900. Alternatively, you can call 900 and ask for the remaining data balance on your STC line.

Thus, shortly you will get an SMS. That SMS will contain all the details, for example, remaining data, balance, minutes, SMS, etc. If you don’t get a message in a while, you can call STC customer care support number 900. Tell them the same issue and they will instruct you on further steps. You can also comment below.

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