STC to Pakistan Call Packages Price Activation Code

There are daily and weekly packages available to call Pakistan from STC in KSA. You can simply activate the bundle and start talking with your loved ones in Pakistan. Today I will show you the price, activation code for these plans. There are other data plans available you can choose from.

You can have the best international rates on both STC and Zain. It doesn’t matter what sim card you are using but you can get free minutes to Pakistan at the lowest price. There is no hidden charge from STC on interpretation calls. All you need is to activate the bundle and that is it.

STC Sawa to Pakistan Call Packages

There are two packages available right now STC. The one is daily and the other is weekly. You can either the daily one or the weekly one, the choice is totally yours. However, the details are:

Daily Call Package STC to Pakistan

The price of the daily plan is SAR 10 only. The validity as mentioned is just one day or you can say 24 hours. You will receive 25 free minutes to Pakistan. The activation is code for the daily call pack to Pakistan is to send 8205 to 900 in the message. The deactivation is not available right now.

Weekly Call Package STC to Pakistan

The price is low as SAR 30 for the daily plan. The validity time gives by STC Sawa as mentioned is just 7 days I mean one weekly only. You will simply receive only 25 free minutes to Pakistan for 7 days. The activation is code very easy for the weekly call pack to Pakistan is to send 8255 to 900 in the message. Unfortunately, the deactivation is not available at least for now.

Monthly Call Package STC to Pakistan

Get 200 minutes bundle for only SAR 35 per month. the activation for the monthly plan is to send 8285 to 900. Upon successful activation, you will get an SMS from STC Sawa. Then you can start using these for calling any number in Pakistan.

Once you have activated any of the above-mentioned bundles. You will have the mentioned validity period. You will need to finish those free minutes in the desired period given by STC Sawa. Moreover, here is how you can check your STC free minutes. You can also call 900 for more inquiries or questions.

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