How to Transfer Balance from STC to STC

You can share STC balance with friends, family members, and other relatives in Saudi Arabia. Sawa to Sawa balance mobile balance transfer is easy. For your information, there are two methods for sharing your balance. The 1st method is sending credit via SMS. The 2nd method is sending credit using the receiver’s iqama ID number.

So, the receiver will not confirm any transaction and will get the balance directly from you. Both the procedures are easy to follow. What are you waiting for? let’s get started with sharing (balance) your love with anybody in KSA.

STC to STC Balance Transfer via SMS

  1. Write *133*Receiver mobile number*amount#.
  2. Send the message to 1500 and wait.
  3. The Receiver will get a confirmation message shortly.
  4. Now tell the Receiver to send a message containing *133*Iqama ID number# to 1500.

STC to STC Balance Transfer

  1. Ask the Receiver to send you his/her Iqama number.
  2. Write *133*Receiver mobile number*amount*his / her Iqama number# in the message.
  3. Send the message to 1500 and wait a few seconds.
  4. The Receiver will get a confirmation message shortly.
  5. Confirm the transaction by asking the receiver, that’s it.

This is a simple method to follow and your friend, family member, or any person you are sending the balance to, no need to worry about any confirmation.

Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions:

Ensure that you have enough balance to send. Also confirm the sim card you are using is under your iqama ID number. The fee per transaction is just SAR 0.50. This is for only prepaid customers, the postpaid customer can contact 900 in order to know about credit transfer.

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