How to Switch Back from Jawwy to STC Operator

Jawwy from STC is the best service that allows you to enjoy cheap calls and data. You can switch from any operator to a Jawwy sim card, just by visiting the STC office near you. However, if you have previously switched to Jawwy from STC, then it’s quite easy to revert back the changes and change the operator.

Today, I will show you the step-by-step procedure to port back from Jawwy to STC. However, I will strongly recommend getting a new sim card if you wish to use STC. Because Jawwy is a cheap call and data service offered by STC in Saudi Arabia. You will never get such rates for enjoying unlimited data and minutes as well as social media usage on any network in the Kingdom.

Switch Back from Jawwy to STC

If you are currently on the Jawwy network and want to go back to STC. It’s possible and you are can do it with ease. However, the only thing you need is a valid Iqama ID and a visit to the nearest STC office. Because, if you don’t have a valid Iqama ID or it’s expired, then you must renew it before visiting the STC to switch back to STC from Jawwy. In short, you will get nothing but waste your time and money

Anyways, to change your Jawwy sim card operator back to STC, take your valid Iqama ID with you and go to the nearest STC office. Humbly ask them if they want to switch back to STC from Jawwy service or operator. They will take your Iqama for details and will ask you to confirm this via Fingerprint. Once the process is done, they will give you a new STC sim card with your existing number. The only thing that will change is the operator. However, the overall network change process may take up to 72 hours. Usually, it takes 24 hours.

We will suggest you keep using your Jawwy sim card until it automatically drops the signal. Then you will replace the old Jawwy sim card with the new STC sim card. That is it, so this is how easily you can do it. Moreover, there is no way to do it online.

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  1. Abulkalam says

    I want to change my SIM port jawwy to STC what I do

    1. Jahafar sadiq says

      Before my sim card stc plan after I have to change plan to jawy but now again change my plan jawy to stc what I can do.

  2. Jamal Khan says

    This is to inform you that STC – Jawwy is very good but the one thing is not good that we cannot easily load sawa card in jawway sim can you beleive me that I am trying more many time to load the sawa card in jawwy sim but failed to do so, finally I am planning to change this sim to SAWA STC
    please help me to guide how to load the Sawa card in jawwy sim.
    Best Regards

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