Taxi Services Suspended Careem and Uber

Both the taxi services Careem and Uber suspended their services in KSA. According to Uber and Careem, they are about to help to stop the coronavirus by minimizing socialization. This is a great step toward public safety.

Uber and Careem Stopped Their Services

In compliance with the Saudi government. Both Careema nd Uber is helping the public to stop spreading the COVID. So regular booking is suspended for now. You can not use those services. Read Saudi Actions as well as Decisions Regarding Coronavirus.

Back in the last week, the MOI announced the suspension of flights, trains, taxis, and buses. They announced people should stop gathering. However, socialization should be stopped. As it is helping the virus to spread among humans. So they stop each and every single service.

All the work suspension, transport and related are held for 14 days. However, recently Kingdom announced that it should for the next 21 days more. This will happens from time to time until the government does find the cure for the COVID.

Here is what Uber mentioned in its taxi services suspension announcements. As per the MOI we, Uber Taxi services are suspended until the Next notice of MOI or related authority. However, they mentioned that Uber X and UberComfort apps are there to help and essential delivery.

On the other hand, Careem also mentioned this: Careem has to eliminate the transport services in compliance with the MOI announcements. However, the order is still there if you wanna order something. For example if you wanna order some food or pizza-related stuff. You can do it by using the Careem NOW application on your Android or iOS phone.

However, you can still use your own car for visiting here and there in KSA. But the Taxi service like Careem and Uber are not there. Meaning you should wait for 14 days in order to get these services while using their transport services.

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