UAE Suspends New Visit Visa for PAK and 11 Others

United Arab Emirate suspends the new visit visa issuance for Pakistan and 11 other countries. The interesting thing is, this is due to the coronavirus. A new wave of the covid 19 in these countries, and fortunately India is not included in the suspended countries list. The other countries including are Iran, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, Kenya, Libya, and Afghanistan.

UAE Suspends New Visit Visas for These Countries

In Pakistan, the foreign office confirms the news, as it is the decision of the authorities in the UAE due to the 2nd largest wave in Pakistan. The news has not yet confirmed by the foreign office spokesman knows as Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri. However, there is no official confirmation it so that the new becomes 100% true said by the spokesman as well.

You don’t need to worry about if you have already an issued visit or work visa on your name or passport number for UAE. This is not for existing (all) visas but the new ones. In short, the government of the UAE will no longer issue new visa I mean visit visas for the countries I have mentioned above. Let me repeat the countries name for you. The 1st one Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, Kenya, Libya, and Afghanistan.

Yet there is no confirmation that what and how many visas will be suspended. But this is just a start-up of the suspension of new visa issuance for the mentioned countries. If you have already a visa that has been issued, then there is nothing you need to worry about. You are totally on the safe side.

Moreover, the PM of Pakistan has stated to its people to help and stop the coronavirus together by following the precautionary measure in the country. This is again the largest wave of the virus in Pakistan and the mentioned countries. Thus be careful and follow the precautionary measure to protect yourself and others. Be safe…

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