Unsub Mobily Services & Stop Balance Deduction

Mobily has hundreds of offers and packages for valued customers. They let choose from a variety of internet, call, and SMS plans. However, many of these packs renew automatically. Also, by default, there are plenty of Mobily active (add-on) services. That is the only reason, Mobily deduction your balance or credit automatically.

Sometimes you may check your Movbily balance and wonder why your balance has been deducted, Actually, you can stop this. Well, there is no clear method on the internet to stop automatic balance deductions for services you don’t even use or don’t want to. However, I will show you a few you can follow to stop Mobily from cutting your mobile credit automatically.

Stop Balance Deductions by Unsub Mobily Extra Services

As, I mentioned earlier, Mobily will never charge your account for anything extra your account but active services. For sure, there are some extra active services you don’t know about, and this is because Mobily is cutting your balance. There are two methods to stop this, using the official Mobily application or calling the helpline number. I am going to show you how to do it, so let’s begin…

Method 1: You can check all the Mobily services using their official application available for Android and iOS devices. Install the official Mobily app, login or sign up with your number. Then you will see all the active services in your Dashboard, simply tap any extra services you don’t need to deactivate. Actually, the deactivation details will be there (code), simply follow it and that is it. Now Mobily won’t deduct your balance automatically.

Method 2: You can simply call 1100 and talk to the customer care support representative. Humbly request them to check and let you know about your active services. Then tell him to deactivate these services for you. Once you deactivate all the active services, Mobily will stop the balance deduction from you. Because your active services are the only reason for the balance deduction on the Mobily network in KSA.

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