Zain 50, 500 MB Package Daily & Weekly 2023

Zain 500 and 50 MB are two great packages for daily and weekly usage. You can easily activate and deactivate these plans without extra fees. Today I will show you the price of these two daily and weekly packs. So stay here and keep reading this post…

Zain 50MB Daily Internet Package

You can get the 50MB plan for SAR 2 only, but the validity is just 1 day. In short, it is only for 24 hours. Also, I think there is auto-renewal included. The activation code for the 50MB Zain data package daily is to send 401 to 959. Moreover, the deactivation code is 4012 provided, you can call 959 for that.

Once you send the activation code to 959, after a second or two you will get a confirmation text message from Zain. It is recommended to check your balance before and after the subscription.

Zain 500MB Weekly Package

You can easily activate the 50MB plan for just SAR 12 only, however, the validity time period is just 12 days. In short, it is only one week only. Keep in mind that upon subscription the auto-renewal is on the pack. The activation or subscribe code for the 500MB Zain internet package weekly is to send D500 to 959. Moreover, to cancel the renewal send CA500 to 959 or simply call 959 for deactivation.

More packages Zain New Internet Data Packages.

Upon sending the activation code to 959, you should get a confirmation text on your device from Zain. Moreover, it is important to check your balance before and after sending the activation code.

Terms & Conditions

So there are various things you need to keep in mind before activating any of the above plans. As I mentioned before you should check your mobile balance before and after the activation. However, the terms and conditions are:

Only postpaid and prepaid customers are eligible to get offers. Whenever you consume the data, normal charges will apply. All the bundles are auto-renewal so call 959 to deactivate. For more info just your nearest branch or call 0590000959.

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