Zain Internet Package 50GB for 3 Months

Do you want to activate the Zain 50GB internet data package? You are here at the right place to know the details. I will show you the details including price, activation code, validity, and more.

The 50 GB is the most affordable and cheap data package. Zain has always been reliable in providing better data services to its prepaid customers. That is the reason why a Zain user is always a Zain user.

50GB Zain Internet Package

Updated 2023: Now get  75GB of data with 75GB of free social data for 199.00 SAR only. You can watch YouTube, and enjoy TikTok, and Facebook with your free social data. The validity is 2 months. To subscribe to the bundle SMS code 410 to 959. To cancel the package SMS code 4102 to 959.

Expired – Anyway, let’s get into the details of the plan. You can activate or subscribe to the cheap 50 GB pack by sending 50GB to 959. I know you are curious to know the price. The price is SAR 265 but you have plenty of time to use the data.

Remember once the pack is activated, you cannot get a refund, you must use the data. However, you can stop the autorenewal following the deactivate code provided below in the article. Zain 99 Riyal Package is now as low as 95 SAR.

The validity time period for this prepaid pack is 3 months. In short, you can use this data within 3 months of duration. You must consume all the data because, if you are the thing to get it on the next subscription, you are wrong.

Moreover, there are things you might need to keep in mind before subscribing to the plan. Once you activate it, it will automatically renew right after 3 months. Mean, you will need to deactivate or unsubscribe from the package manually. Zain 50, and a new 500 MB Package Daily Weekly.

But don’t worry the deactivation is easy and there are no hidden charges. You can simply deactivate the fifty gigabytes data package before its renewal by sending CA50G to 959.

Once the subscription is sent, in a short while, you should get an SMS back from Zain. The SMS will contain that you have successfully unsubscribed from the 50 GB internet package.

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