Zain 5G Home Unlimited Data Package [KSA]

Zain has recently updated its 5G home package. The only commitment you will need to make is to buy the plan with 12 months contract period. With 5G premium support, you can enjoy unlimited free resources including a WiFi device and a lifetime free subscription for OSN streaming, and GeForce. You must check the Zain 5G coverage before you buy the package. However, I am going to show the complete overview of the package below. So let’s explore the best 5G plan for your home.

Zain 5G Home Unlimited Data Package

5G Home Package: For a very cheap price SAR 349/month. Enjoy unlimited OSN streaming, GeForce gaming, unlimited internet data, free Home Huawei 5G router with WiFi Extender, and amazing download as well as upload speed. For the download, you will get 200 MBps while the upload speed is 60 MBps on Zain 5G home package. The minimum download is up to 100 MBps. Here is a short summary of the package:

  • Zain 5G package for Home Price: SAR 299 (VAT inclusive).
  • 5G internet data: Unlimited.
  • 5G download speed 200Mbps and upload speed 40MBps.
  • Free Huawei Router + WiFi Extender.
  • Free lifetime OSN streaming and GeForce Now Gamin subscription.
  • For activation visit the nearest Zain shop or franchise.
PackagePriceDownload SpeedUpload SpeedFree Resources
Zain 5G HomeSAR 349.00200MBps100MBpsHuawei 5G Router + WiFi Extender and free OSN, GeForce Now.

Moreover, you will get a free lifetime subscription for GeForce Now gaming and free lifetime OSN streaming. You can visit the nearest Zain store to get the package or use your Zain KSA app to activate the package. Once you get the package you activate your GeForce and OSN streaming easily.

Terms and Conditions

To get the free device (Huawei 5G Router+WiFi Extender), you need to get the package with 12 months or 24 months contract period. Of course, you are going to get a free sim with your router. However, the sim is locked with the router. This means you cannot use it on any other Zain devices.

If you don’t like the package or contract at all, cancel it within 5 business days, if you don’t then there will be incurs and obligations. You can visit a Zain shop to unlock your device or sim card. You can upgrade or downgrade the Zain Home 5G Packages anytime.

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