Zain Call Divert or Forwarding Codes in Saudi Arabia

Now it’s easier than ever to make your Zain call incoming call forward or divert to another number or service on the network in KSA. You can easily forward or divert all your calls when the phone is switched off or you are busy with another number, even your home or office number anytime. You can also enable call forwarding on Zian SA to your personal voicemail.

Moreover, this is the very 1st time that Zain has introduced call forwarding for your number even if you are out of the country. Meaning, that if you are roaming, you can also enable the call forwarding feature on your number to another service or number, or voicemail. You can then check your voicemail and respond to any call anytime.

However, if you don’t know the procedure for enabling calls to divert or forward on your Zain network in Saudi Arabia. Then you are here at the right place. I will show the activation, and cancellation codes for call forwarding on Zain KSA.

Zain Call Forwarding Activation and Cancellation Codes

Diver all calls: To divert all calls whether your phone number is not reachable or the phone is switched off, dial this code **21*number to divert calls to# the tap OK. To cancel the service for all calls then dial ##21#.

Divert calls when you are busy: To divert calls when you are busy with someone else, dial **67*number to divert calls to# the tap OK. However, to cancel the call divert when busy then dial ##67#.

Forward call when you don’t reply: When someone calls you and you don’t reply on that call then you can redirect calls after that by dialing this code **61*number to divert calls to# then OK. Moreover, to cancel the forward calls when busy dial ##61#.

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Forward calls within a period of time: When someone is calling and you want to divert his call within the du call rings for example after 15 seconds. Then dial this code to divert calls within a time period while ringing **61*number to divert calls to*time length e.g 15 seconds#. To cancel it then dial ##61#.

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