How to Check Zain Balance and Internet Data – 2023

Both Saudi people and expatriates can easily check their Zain remaining Internet data and mobile balance. Here I will show both these ways to find out what is your data and balance usage on Zain. There are two methods available to track the usage of your internet mobile credit. The one is, checking the remaining resource via USSD code. And the second is, checking the remaining balance via SMS.

So, I will show you both and then you can follow the one easy for you. There are no charges while keep checking your current credit or data on Zain. So the company will never charge you, believe me, it’s so peaceful to be here in KSA. OK, let’s get into the procedures:

How to Check Zain Internet Balance

To check your Zain data balance, dial *405# USSD code to know the remaining internet balance data. Guess what? There is also an alternative way to check Zain’s data balance, to do so send just write “BC” & send it to 700212.

As I mentioned earlier there are no charges while tracking the data and credit usage. You can do it without any worries.

How to Check Zain Balance

To check the remaining balance (mobile) on Zain, just dial *142#. Alternatively, you can do so by sending a text message to Zain and they will reply with your current mobile credit. You can also dial 959 for more detail and the same query. All the services are available 24/7 but there might be network problems as well. I am telling you this because you might face trouble sometimes while tracking the usage of your current resources.

How can I check Zain internet balance?

The above are the two easy methods in an order to track or find the remaining balance on your Zain sim card. However, if you are a user and wanna check your resource instantly then download and install the Zain SA application available for both Android and iOS devices. You can simply signup and log in with your number then you will see the balance at the top.

For more information and conclusion dial 959 and tell them your experience or your query. They are available and can help you at any time regarding Zain’s technical issues. You can also comment below if you need our further assistance.

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  1. Mike says

    Hello, how can I check the data balance/usage of a SIM card that is data only. The SIM does not have a phone number to use to make a Zain website account, and the phone cannot send SMS text messages to check the account balance (since the SIM is data only). Is this possible? Thank you.

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