Zain Double Internet Offer for Prepaid Users

This is the best Zain data double offer and new sim with double data offer by Zain in Saudi Arabia. This offer is only for prepaid customers and eligible users only. You can simply renew your Zain current internet plan or buy a new sim with this offer known as the Zain 2x Double data offer. See the below internet package with double data also its prices and validity.

Zain Double Internet Offers

Zain Internet Package NameBasic+Double Internet DataTotal PriceValidity
1GB Package 1GB+1GB=2GB SAR 30 1 month only
2GB Package 2GB+2GB=4GB SAR 50 1 month only
5GB Package 5GB+5GB=10GB SAR 80 1 month only
10GB Package 10GB+10GB=20GB SAR 100 1 month only
20GB Package 20GB+20GB=40GB SAR 180 3 months only
50GB Package 50GB+50GB=100GB SAR 245 3 months only

How to Get a Double Internet Package

You can simply visit any nearest Zain franchise to buy a new sim card with existing data. Remember you can also renew any of your current packs to any of the offers to double the internet data. The package’s price duration is the same. All that will change is just the data will get double.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers or users are allowed to activate get the double data
  • You will not be charged for extra data or 2x data
  • Check your coverage areas first
  • Postpaid users can get the 2x data, but they will need to buy a new sim card (prepaid sim card)
  • Remember to consume all the data, otherwise, it will not be added to the newly 2x data plans
  • Get the most of it now, these packages may expire anytime
  • You must be eligible for the 2x data offer first.

There are no extra charges or any duration period for any of the above packs. Simply renew your current plan or get a new sim card from the retailer shop and get the benefit. Remember this is a limited-time offer and must visit the nearest customer care center or call the Zain helpline. To check your remaining data balance here is the complete guide to check Zain’s data balance in KSA. You can comment for information. Check out Zain SMS Packages with price and activation codes.

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