Zain Internet Packages Updated List [2024]

Here are all the Zain internet plans prepaid and postpaid updated in 2023. Zain is one of the most popular telecom companies in Saudi Arabia providing amazing service. It is serving 70% of the people in KSA through internet services, landlines, telephone, etc. Last year it was lying on the 3rd number but became 2nd this year. It is popular for providing great services, and affordable prices, for people in KSA as well as new visitors.

Zain New SIM Card Information

The wide range majority and popularity and because it lies this on the 2nd number in the list of top companies. Zain provides the perfect New SIM card price of SAR 30 and gives you SAR 23 as the account balance. The price and account balance are for all newcomers, for Hajj and Umrah, etc. Also for the citizens and non-citizens as well.

So for your information, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia, or are a citizen or an expatriate, you can buy Zain a new sim card for the price of Saudi Riyal 30 with a balance of SAR 23. However, the choice is totally yours. Either you can activate one of the below internet packages.

Moreover, the regular charges are local and internet calls SAR 0.55 per minute, SAR 0.25 per SMS, and internet as low as SAR .50 per MB. I will suggest you activate any of the below packs. Keep in mind that all these rates are for 8: PM to 8: AM (Off-Peak) hours. However, the Peak Hours rates are SAR 0.65 per SMS, call, and MB. Check Out the Calls and SMS Bundle Offer by Zain:

New in Saudi Arabia or don’t know how to check the remaining balance on the Zain network? Don’t worry is easy, You can easily check the remaining balance by sending “BC to “959”. If you don’t know which is your current pack. Just send “NR” to “959”.

Zain Prepaid Internet Packages

Many internet packages are for 1 month and 3 months, choose the desired one from the list below that fulfills your internet needs or data requirements. All the below data plans are for prepaid users, however, new visitors for Umrah and Hajj can activate any of them as they like. So, let’s have a look at the Zain cheapest internet bundles for 1 month and 3 months with validity, activation, and prices.

Zain Package NamePrice in SARTotal ValiditySubscription CodeUnsubscribe Code
Zain 50MB Package SAR 21 day401 to 9594012 to 959
Zain 500MB Package SAR 127 daysD500 to 959CA500 to 959
Zain 1GB Package SAR 15 1 week404 to 9594042 to 959
Zain 2GB Package SAR 30 1 Month405 to 9594052 to 959
Zain 4GB Package SAR 50 1 Month406 to 9594062 to 959
Zain 10GB Package SAR 175 3 Months (90 days)404 to 9594042 to 959
Zain 8GB Package SAR 75 1 Month407 to 9594072 to 959
Zain 100GB Package SAR 160 1 Month4011 to 9594112 to 959
Zain 25+25GB Social PackageSAR 99 1 Month408 to 9594082 to 959
Zain 150GB Package SAR 399 3 Months422 to 9594222 to 959
Zain 300GB Package SAR 450 3 Months414 to 9594142 to 959
Zain 75+75GB Social Package SAR 199 2 Months410 to 9594102 to 959
Zain Unlimited Package SAR 325 1 Month416 to 9594162 to 959

Zain Postpaid Internet Packages

Zain also brings exciting offers (internet offers), with calls, SMS, and more with cheap prices and validity. In a comparison of prepaid plans, the below postpaid plans are good and everyone can afford them. Let’s have a look at the below packages for postpaid users.

Package NameTotal PricePackage Full DetailsValiditySubscription CodeUnsubscribe Code
Zain Visitor 55 Package SAR 55 Free 30 minutes and SMS for local calls, internation calls 10 minutes, SMS 10, and intenret 2GB only 1 Month only Sent "55" to 959 Dial 959
Zain Kareeb Pacakge SAR 0.15 SAR 0.15 per call, SAR 0.15 per SMS, SAR 0.15 per local and internation call and SMS, SAR 1 for video call Till you change the plan Send "K" to 959 Send "CK" to 959
Zain MAX Package SAR 0.45 Gives you Off-net and On-net calls, Off-net and On-net SMS, Internet SAR 0.45 per MB, Voice calls as SAR 1 only 1 Month only Send "M" to 959 Dial 959
Zain Khateer Package SAR 0.19 Gives you Off-net and On-net calls, Off-net and On-net SMS, Internet SAR 0.19 per MB, Voice calls as SAR 1 only Till you change the plan Send "KH" to 959 Send "CKH" to 959
Postpaid 50GB SAR 99 50GB Internet Data 1 Month only Call 959 Call 959
Postpaid 100GB SAR 160 100GB Internet Data 1 Month only Call 959 Call 959
Postpaid 150GB SAR 225 150GB Internet Data 1 Month only Call 959 Call 959
150GB Internet Data SAR 325 Unlimited Internet Data 1 Month only Call 959 Call 959

Terms and Conditions

There are some basic terms you need to keep in mind. All the mentioned prices above are inclusive of VAT 15%. You need to consume all your package data including, internet, calls, SMS, etc. If not, then the remaining data, calls, or SMS won’t be added to your next subscription (2023).

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