Zain MBB Prepaid and Postpaid Internet Packages

Zain has introduced new MBB prepaid and postpaid plans. There is enough internet data included in these packages. Different packs are available for example, 50 GB, 100 GB, 150 GB, and unlimited for postpaid users. For prepaid users 10 GB, unlimited, and 100GB packs.

Let me tell you that these packs are for 1 month and 3 months. However, as you know that postpaid is only for 1 month. In this guide, I will show you these bundles in full detail. Then it is up to you to get the one for your internet needs. More plans are available here.

Zain MBB Prepaid Plans

Currently, there are four different MBB plans available at Zain in Saudi Arabia. These plans are pretty affordable, anyone can activate and deactivate them whenever they want. Also, there is pretty much data for monthly usage.

For your information, if your smartphone or any device you are using is 5G enabled. Then you can these packs support 5G connectivity. Now please have a look at the details below:

10GB for 3 Months

This is one best plan on Zain ever. You can get enough data with enough validity. For the price of SAR 175, you can activate the 10GB of internet data for 3 months. Prepaid users are eligible and once the data has been consumed, you can renew the pack at the same price. It is a 5G-supported package. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Unlimited Internet for 1 Month

The unlimited pack is a little expensive but on the other hand, you are getting unlimited internet data. Download your favorite movies, and use the internet data anywhere anytime without any limit. The best thing is you can have 5G connectivity, so there is no compromise on the speed as well. The price for unlimited Zan 5G Internet for one is SAR 349.

Unlimited Internet Data for 3 Months

This is another best-unlimited pack but with more validity. I know the price is a bit expensive but you are getting unlimited data for 3 months. Download games, use social media apps, watch your favorite movies, and do anything you want.

Use data without worrying about its limitations and speed. Because you will have 5G connectivity, there is no compromise on the speed as well. The unlimited for 3 months internet package price is SAR 999. Keep in mind that you can activate the pack if you are a prepaid Zain sim user.

100 GB for 1 Month

For a very cheap price of SAR 160, get 100GB of internet data for 1 month. Play your favorite games online, watch youtube all day long, and do more. Keep in mind that the price mentioned above is VAT exclusive. You may need to pay a little bit extra Riyals to get the pack.

Zain MBB Postpaid Plans

As of now, there are only 4 different MBB plans available on the Zain network in KSA. Each plan support 4G and 5G connectivity. The price is cheap and you can have more than enough for all month. There is an ongoing offer, you can get double data each month. But when the pack expires, you won’t get the double data.

  • 50GB plus 50GB for 30 days (1 month), 5G connectivity, for SAR 113 only.
  • 100GB plus 100GB for 1 month with 5G support for SAR 184 only.
  • 150GB plus 150GB for only 1 month with 5G speed support for the price of SAR 225.
  • Unlimited internet data for SAR 299 for 1 month.

Moreover, below are the full details, you can visit the nearest Zain outlet to get the plan you want. There are no add-ons included in any of the above packages. It is important to keep tracking or check your internet data usage on Zain. Because once you consume the available data there are extra charges you will need to pay to use the internet.

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