Zain New Internet Packages 2023 with Activation Codes

Today I will show all the Zain internet packages with activation and deactivation codes and renewal prices. Also, I am gonna show you Zain MBB prepaid renewal prices. For your information, the 10GB package is gone and instead of that, Zain gives you 20GB extra, a total of 30GB with 30GB free social data for the same price. Moreover, there are other plans included like 100GB for 3 months, and unlimited internet packs too. Thanks to Zain.

Also, There is an ongoing campaign by Zain that you can double your MBB data by renewal on time. However, the normal plans don’t have any double data offer. The price remains the same even on the first purchase or renewal. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Zain New Internet Packages 2023

Below are the full details for prepaid data plans by Zain:

30GB Package

Get 30GB of data with a free 30GB social data package for just SAR 175 with 3 months of validity only. The activation code for the 10 GB data plan is to send 409 to 959. You can deactivate the 10GB offer anytime by sending the deactivation code 4092 to 959.

100GB Package

Now you can enjoy 100GB of internet data with free 100GB social data for just 299.00 SAR with 3 months of validity. The easy activation code for the 100GB data pack is to send 421 to 959. Moreover, you can deactivate the 100GB offer anytime by sending the deactivation code 4212 to 959.

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300GB Package

It is easy to get a 300GB internet bundle for just 450 SAR with three or 3 months of validity only. The very simple activation code for the 300 GB data package is to send 414 to 959. However, you can deactivate the 300GB offer anytime you like by sending the deactivation code 4142 to 959.

Unlimited Internet Package

Simply you can have an unlimited GB of internet pack for just 325 SAR per 1 month of validity only. You can simply activate the offer with a code for an unlimited data package is to send 416 to 959 with a minimum balance of SAR 425. To Deactivate the unlimited internet send the deactivation code 4162 to 959. This pack may no longer exist.

There is an easy way to check your remaining internet data balance on the Zain. However, if you have any trouble while activating or detecting any of the above plans, let us know via our contact page or comment down.

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