Zain Roaming 5G Data Only Offers “Updated 2024”

Are you going back to your home country or visiting any other countries for business opportunities? Make sure you have the Zain roaming 5G bundle before you go. This is to connect to everyone back in the country and in the other 100 supported countries in the world. Zain gives tons of data-only offers while roaming. So that using this data you can browse the internet, use Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok, and any app you want just to stay in touch with your loved ones. Also, check their in-flight packages.

There are 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, and unlimited roaming data packages at Zain. These packages are available for daily, 3 days, weekly, 15 days, and monthly usage. However, it is your choice to select the one best for you.

Zain Roaming 5G Data Packages (Offers)

There are some best and easy to afford Zain 5G roaming data offers at this moment. You can choose one from 5 different roaming plans. I will show the price with the activation and deactivation code. So you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want. Now, let’s get started…

Roaming DurationDataPrice with VATActivation codeDeactivation code
1 day2GBSAR 102..85SMS RD1 to 959SMS CRD to 959
3 days5GBSAR 148.35SMS RD3 to 959SMS CRD to 959
7 days10GBSAR 228.85SMS RD7 to 959SMS CRD to 959
1 monthUnlimited dataSAR 401.35SMS RD30 to 959

Daily 2GB

Get 1GB roaming data with 5G support for 24 hours for only SAR 102.85 per day. The price is VAT inclusive. However, to subscribe to the daily 1GB roaming data package SMS RD1 to 959, while to cancel the package SMS CRD to 959.

3 Days 5GB

For only SAR 148.35 per day, you can activate 5GB of roaming data for 3 days. You can send an SMS with RD3 to 959 to activate the package However, to cancel the plan just SMS CRD to 959 to deactivate the 3 days 5GB package.

Weekly 10GB

This is the best package if you plan a trip for 7 days or one week. You can send an SMS with RD7 to 959 to activate the 10GB roaming data on your Zain number. The price is SAR 228.85. Moreover, if you wanna deactivate the 10GB for 7 days roaming data then SMS CRD to 959.

15 Days 25GB

If you wanna stay longer while roaming then activate the 25GB roaming data package for only SAR 343.85 for 15 days. However, the activation code is to SMS RD15 to 959. You can cancel the plan anytime just by sending CRD to 959 from your Zain line.

Monthly Unlimited Roaming Data Package

If you are staying for more than weeks choose the monthly roaming unlimited data package. The price is SAR 458.85/month. To subscribers to the unlimited monthly data for roaming SMS RD30 to 959. Moreover, you can cancel it just by sending another SMS with CRD to 959.

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