Zain Shabab 149 Updated Package Details

Zain brings you more internet data and calls, roaming, and much more by updating the Shabab 149 package. The updated package is not just about calls and roaming but you can get more data and social app usage in the plan. Remember this is a postpaid Shabab 149 package. Now this plan supports 5G speed and is compatible with the 5G-supported device. More details are given below.

Shabab 149 New Postpaid Package

There are more than you can imagine in this plan. The details of the new Shabab 149 plan are:

  • 3000 local minutes to all Zain numbers and other networks.
  • Unlimited social data for using apps such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • The package lacks the only thing and that is roaming minutes.
  • There is a 50GB data allowance.
  • Roaming data in GCC countries is not there, so you may need to get some data while roaming in the GCC.
  • The price of the Shabab 149 package is SAR 171.35.

There are some conditions you may need to keep in mind. You can only use the roaming minutes within GCC countries or call Saudi Arabia from GCC countries. If you are trying to call someone outer of GCC then you may get charged.

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The extra benefit you may get is WiFi calling in the Kingdom. However, note that the above price for the plan is without VAT 5% of Tax. So it means you will be charged upon the billing. If you are having any issues, just dial 959 for more information and comment in the below section. You can easily check your remaining data.

There are no hidden charges while activating the plan and getting extra benefits such as WiFi calling in the Kingdom. Moreover, you can share the desired internet with anyone. But you can use it as a hotspot on your devices.

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