Zain Unlimited TikTok Package Daily & Weekly

Zain in Saudi Arabia offers the best package for TikTok lovers. They have introduced two packages with unlimited Tiktok usage in the Kingdom. These packages can be used on a daily or weekly basis. In this article, I will show how to activate the unlimited TikTok package for 1 day and 7 days. I will also show you the price, and duration. So, let’s get started…

Dail Zain Unlimited TikTok Package

You can easily activate an unlimited TikTok package for 1 day. The price is SAR 1.5 per day only. However, the duration is only 24 hours. To activate the package for 1 day SMS TK1 to 959. In a short while, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Zain. Then you can start using the TikTok application without worrying about your internet data.

Weekly Zain Unlimited TikTok Package

You can have an unlimited TikTok package for 7 days or 1 week only. The price for the weekly unlimited TikTok package is SAR 7. However, you can activate the package vis SMS TK2 to 959. Zain will deduct 7 SAR from the account balance and will send you a confirmation text message. Keep in mind that the pack is valid for 7 days only.

I know there are lots of questions in your mind. You may think can I activate the package via a prepaid data SIM card? The short answer is that SIM is only for data usage and for a specific app package. So I don’t think you might be able to activate eh pack on your Zain data sim card. Moreover, while a normal prepaid Zain number, you can activate the package anytime you want. Also, there are other cool social media packages.

Thus it is very important to keep check your Zain balance even if you are on the package. Sometimes there may be problems while activating a bundle. Though you will be thinking that you have the pack and on the other hand Zain will deduct your balance. So, keep checking your remaining balance and call 959 if notice some extra education upon plan activation. However, there are no charges upon the TikTok plan activation.

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