How to Activate & Deactivate Mobily Call Waiting

When you are using a Mobily sim card in the Kingdom, there is nothing to worry about. Because Mobily has everything for you. They provide the best and cheap internet packages, calls, international calls, etc. However, their social offers are great. Anyways, when you call someone and their number is busy and they don’t know about it, it is kind of weird, isn’t it?

That is why Mobily brings a call waiting service, which allows you to receive or hold any incoming call when you are busy with someone else. When the Mobily call waiting service is active, you will hear a short beep sound for an incoming call, so you can pick it up or just ignore it. The choice is yours.

Mobily Call Waiting Service

Mobily in the Kindgond provides a free-of-cost service known as Call Waiting. So you never miss a call when you are busy on another line. You will hear a beep sound, then take a look at the phone screen to know whos calling you. The choice is yours either to receive or hold it.

Anyways, today, I am going to show you the complete overview of the service activation code, deactivation code, and other information you may need to know. So, let me show the details:

How to activate Mobily Call Waiting

You can activate the Call waiting service for free with this simple activation code. All you need is to dial *43# and tap the call button. When the service is activated, you will get a confirmation SMS from Mobily. However, you can choose to cancel the service at any time you want. It’s free so you don’t need to do so.

How to deactivate Mobily Call Waiting

Mobily doesn’t charge when you are using the free Call Waiting service of them. However, if you don’t need it at all, then you can cancel or deactivate it anytime you want. Here is how to deactivate the call-waiting service from Mobily. All you need is to dial this code *43# and tap the call button. Upon successful cancellation, you will get receive an SMS from Mobily.

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