Istimara Renewal Fee for 2024 KSA

The Muroor in the Kingdom (General Traffic Department) has released information about the vehicle registration (Istimara) renewal fees for the years 2023 and 2024. Back in 2023, a standard renewal fee of SAR 300 was applied to cars and light vehicles in KSA.

However, in 2024, as per the new rules and regulations, an additional fee, based on the vehicle engine size and fuel consumption, will be added to the basic renewal fee of SAR 300. I hope you guys are getting the point.

Istimara Renewal Fee 2024

For the year 2024, Muroor has set the istimara renewal fees for various vehicle types, including light as well as heavy vehicles. Here is a simplified table:

Vehicle Type Istimara Renewal Fee
Private Vehicle SAR 300
Motorbike (heavy and light) SAR 300
Taxi Public SAR 600
Minibus SAR 600
Private Truck (heavy) SAR 600
Public Vehicle SAR 1200
Public Bus (heavy) SAR 1200
Public Work Vehicle SAR 900


Fee For Vehicles Made in 2016 and Onwards

However, keep in mind that additional will be added upon renewal of your vehicle istimara as per your engine size and fuel consumption as follows:

Classification level Engine capacity (litres) Annual Fee (SAR)
1 from 16 and above 0
2 from 14 to 15 50
3 from 12 to 13 85
4 from 10 to 11 130
5 9 or Less 190


Fee For Vehicles Made in 2015 and Early

If you own an old vehicle which is made in 2015 and earlier. You will charged for additional Istimara renewal fee as per the following:

Classification level Engine capacity (litres) Annual Fee (SAR)
1 2 or less 1.9 0
2 2.4 to 1.91 50
3 3.2 to 2.41 85
4 4.5 to 3.21 130
5 Higher than 4.5 litres 190



The conclusion is clear, The government is going towards fuel-efficient vehicles. Somehow it is best for people and the government to have fule efficient vehicles for best economic practices. However, as per the new rules and regulations people will pay the additional fee. So, to be on the safe side and want to save your money, make sure to get a vehicle that is efficient in fuel consumption.

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