Mobily Internet Packages [Prepaid and Postpaid]

Mobily recently announced new internet packages for prepaid and postpaid users in Saudi Arabia. All these data bundles are cheap and give you more internet data. Mobily is a leading and one of the best telecommunication services companies in KSA. It is providing internet packages, telephony, fixed-line, and lots of mobile services.

Mobily offers new data packs for prepaid and postpaid users. The company was founded in 2004 and yet it has over 4 million subscribers.

Mobily in Saudi Arabia offers the cheapest internet, SMS, Calls, and other solution to their users. They always provide better 3G/4G/5G connectivity (in coverage areas).

The bundles with cheap prices, more internet, and better high-speed 3G/4G/5G connectivity. Now you can enjoy high-speed internet on your smartphone, wifi devices, routers, mini-routers, etc. Data packages such as 150MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 300GB. Also, 600GB and unlimited internet packs are available at Mobily.

Mobily Internet Packages for Prepaid Users

Lots of internet bundles are available for Mobily prepaid users in KSA. Below are the full details, price, activation, validity, codes, auto-renewal, stop auto-renewal, etc.

Package NameInternetPriceValidityActivation CodeDeactivation Code
150MB Package 150MB SAR 5.75 2 weeks only Send 750 to 1100 Send 00750 to 1100
500MB Package 500MB SAR 17.25 1 month Send 5100 to 1100 Send 6092 to 1100
1GB Package 1GB SAR 34.5 1 month Send 6100 to 1100 Send 6102 to 1100
2GB Package 2GB SAR 57.5 1 month Send 7200 to 1100 Send 7202 to 1100
5GB Package 5GB SAR 86.25 1 month Send 7300 to 1100 Send 7302 to 1100
10GB Package 10GB SAR 109.25 1 month Send 7050 to 1100 Send 7052 to 1100
10GB Package 10GB SAR 189.75 3 months Send 6070 to 1100 Send 6072 to 1100
20GB Package 20GB SAR 155.25 1 month Send 6300 to 1100 Send 6302 to 1100
20GB Package 20GB SAR 253 3 months Send 8200 to 1100 Send 8202 to 1100
50GB Package 50GB SAR 241.5 2 months Send 7090 to 1100 Send 7092 to 1100
50GB Package 50GB SAR 299 3 months Send 8070 to 1100 Send 8072 to 1100
100GB Package 100GB SAR 184 1 month Send 7080 to 1100 Send 7082 to 1100
100GB Package 100GB SAR 368 3 months Send 8080 to 1100 Send 8082 to 1100
300GB Package 300GB SAR 517.5 3 months Send 300 to 1100 N/A
600GB Package 600GB SAR 1035 6 months Send 606 to 1100 N/A
Unlimited Internet PackageUnlimited dataSAR 373.751 monthSend 4930 to 1100Send 4932 to 1100
Moreover, sending the above-mentioned codes for the desired bundle to 1100 will activate the chosen bundle. The validity date is fixed, however, the pack will automatically be renewed upon expiry. The best thing is, all prepaid users can subscribe to as many bundles as they like at the same time. The price is not included in VAT Tax 5%, which will be deducted upon recharge.

Mobily Internet Packages for Postpaid Users

Now you can enjoy more with Mobily postpaid internet packages in KSA. Mobily offers you more internet, more validity, social media, SMS, minutes, and multi-SIM at a cheap price. Postpaid 50, 100, 200, 300, and 600 packages are available with price, activation, internet, SMS, calls, minutes, FUP, multi-SIM Cards, and more.

Package NamePriceValidityMinutesInternetSMSMulti-SIMS
Postpaid 50 SAR 50 1 month 300 Minutes 3GB 50 SMS 2
Postpaid 100 SAR 100 1 month 1,000 Minutes 10GB 100 SMS 2
Postpaid 200 SAR 200 1 month 2,500 Minutes 50GB 200 SMS 2
Postpaid 300 SAR 300 1 month 6,000 Minutes 100GB, unlimited social media 300 SMS 2
Postpaid 600 SAR 600 1 month Unlimited Minutes Unlimited internet 600 SMS 1**
For your information, social media apps are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, & Whatsapp. If you use other applications, regular data will be used. Moreover, a setup fee of SAR. 10 will be applied for multi-SIM service. For all postpaid users, the one-time fee is SAR. 50. However, whenever you consume the given data, the package will get expired.
Then you must renew it or leave it if you want to. All new and existing customers can apply for the above-mentioned postpaid plans. Moreover, the existing postpaid customers can easily migrate any of the above bundles if they wish.

How Can I Recharge Mobily Internet Card?

Well, it’s easy than you think, all you need is to visit the nearest Mobily outlet or shop. But a new voucher card as your per your internet needs. Then there are three-ways to redeem the Mobily voucher:

  1. Just call “1400” or dial “0560101100” and then follow the operator’s instructions.
  2. Using the USSD code to recharge your Mobily line. Dial *1400*Voucher number#.
  3. You can also your Mobily application available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, to recharge your Mobily internet card & balance account.

How Can I Check Mobily Numer & Package?

You can check your Mobily sim card number by dialing *222#. Your mobile number will be displayed shortly, note it for further use. Moreover, to know about your current or activated internet package or any other package, dial 1400, and follow the operator’s instructions.

Check Mobily Remaining Balance or Internet Data

Anyone can easily check their main account balance by dialing *1411#. The automatic system will then display your existing mobile balance immediately. Moreover to check your internet data balance on your Mobily line, dial *1411#. The remaining internet data will be displayed shortly. You can also download and install the Mobily official application for Android and iOS to check your balance and mobile data.

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