Activate Mobily Missed Call Notification Service

Mobily is the 3rd largest Telcom services provider in the Kingdom as per users’ choices. However, they offer the best and most free services for example the missed call notification services for prepaid and postpaid users. Thus you will know who called while your sim number was not active and had no signals. This way you will never miss a missed call notification and the services are free of cost.

Mobily Free Missed Call Notification Services

Any users on the Mobily network in Suadi Arabia prepaid and postpaid, can activate and then deactivate their free services. Such as their free missed call notification service. The procedure is very simple for missed call alert service activation. All you need is to dial **62*1431#. Once your service is activated, you will never miss that who called you while your phone or number is switched off.

Moreover, you can easily go ahead and deactivate or cancel the free missed call notification service by dialing ##62# from your Mobily number. Thus Mobily gives more convenience with the service, that is you can also configure other call forwarding options while the service is activated by dialing 143.

Keep in mind that for both prepaid and postpaid users, the activation and deactivation procedure of the service is the same. However, if you have any confusion, then call Mobily customer care service. You can have a look at more information over here.

Thus if you have confused about the service charges. Then it is fully confirmed that this missed call alert service is free of cost. Mobily won’t charge any balance from your account. For your confirmation, upon the service activation, you can check your mobile balance on the Mobily network anytime in Saudi Arabia.

Similarly, as there are no charges upon service, There are no charges if you want to deactivate the service. Enjoy calling back to the numbers you have missed calls from.

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