Mobily WhatsApp Packages Weekly & Monthly

Mobily WhatsApp Packages

Mobily in Saudi Arabia offers an amazing unlimited Whatsapp package for prepaid customers. These services are available for weekly and monthly usage. However, their prices, activation, and deactivation codes are different and available below. In this article, I will show you how to activate any of the Mobily WhatsApp packages. I will also show you the price and deactivation code for each plan. There are also some new features that come with these plans. Well, let’s explore these packages below.

Weekly Mobily WhatsApp Unlimited Package

You can activate an unlimited WhatsApp package for one week for just SAR 10. The usage is unlimited, however, the price is SAR 10, the validity is one week, and for activation SMS 210 to 1100. Moreover, later if you wanna deactivate the weekly Mobily unlimited WhatsApp package then SMS 5210 to 100.

Monthly Mobily WhatsApp Unlimited Package

For as low as SAR 20 per month, you can activate and use WhatsApp with unlimited usage. The price of the monthly WhatsApp unlimited package is SAR 20, activation command is SMS 211 to 1100. While deactivating the plan anytime, just SMS 5211 to 1100. Moreover, there is no feature included in the plan. It’s just for WA. If you are using any external links from WhatsApp then that may charge a few SAR.

Mobily WhatsApp Package Unlimited for 1 Month

You can activate the monthly WhatsApp package by Mobily with 1GB of free internet data. This means, for SAR 40 per month, you can WhatsApp without unlimited usage and you will receive 1GB of free internet data with it. The activation command is to SMS 333 to 1100, while for deactivation SMS 5333 to 1100.

Terms and Conditions for WhatsApp Packages

There are some terms and conditions you need to keep in mind before activating any of the packages. In the 1st one, there is no free data including the first two packages but the last one has 1GB of data. You cannot use other links within Whatsapp, this will cost you extra Riyals. These plans are for prepaid users and Non-Mobily Connect users too. More keep checking of your balance is necessary. Visit their official page for more information.

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