Virgin mobile Internet Packages KSA (2024)

In Saudi Arabia, Virgin Mobile offers pretty affordable internet plans. These plans include internet data and free local (postpaid) minutes. However, they now offer only postpaid and prepaid packages. On their official website, you can also create a package as you need to use the online tool. But in this post, I will show their 3 best plans available right now to anyone using Virgin Mobile in the Kingdom.

Virgin Mobile Internet Packages 2023

As I mention earlier there are many packages available now for postpaid and prepaid users. The 10GB, another 10GB with more local minutes, and 100GB for postpaid users. While there are also 50MB, 500MB, 700MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 20GB, 40GB, 50GB, 80GB, and 100GB for 3 months prepaid plans. Below are the full details and procedures to activate any of these bundles. The choice is yours to choose the best as per your internet needs.

Virgin Postpaid Internet Packages

Virgin Mobile PackagesPriceInternet dataLocal MinutesDurationActivation Code
15GB+500 Minutes 70 SAR 15GB 500 local minutes 1 Month Use Virgin App
30GB+750 Minutes 100 SAR 30GB+10GB social data 750 local minutes 1 Month Use Virgin App
40GB+2500 Minutes 150 SAR 40GB + Unlimited social data 2500 local minutes 1 Month Use Virgin App
100GB+5000 Minutes215 SAR100GB+ Unlimited social data 5000 local minutes 1 Month Use Virgin App

The above are the three data and local minutes packages available right now. However, using their online to get internet and local minutes as per your needs is very handy. For activation or subscription code, you need to get their app available in the Play Store or use their helpline.

Virgin Prepaid Internet Packages

Virgin PackagePriceValidityActivation codeNetwork Speed
50MB3.00 SAR1 day*108#4G/LTE
500MB15.00 SAR7 days*108#4G/LTE
700MB21.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
1GB24.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
2GB45.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
4GB70.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
8GB90.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
10GB100.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
10GB for 3 months180.00 SAR90 days*108#4G/LTE
20GB120.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
40GB140.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
50GB for 2 months230.00 SAR60 days*108#4G/LTE
80GB170.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
100GB180.00 SAR30 days*108#4G/LTE
100GB for 3 months350.00 SAR90 days*108#4G/LTE

Moreover, it is nowhere mentioned whether these plans will renew automatically or not. So you need to take care of your data and balance yourself. Enjoy Virgin mobile internet packages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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